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Lakeland, June 2010
Longboat Key, April 2010
Cape Coral, May 2010
Avon Park, December 2009
Okaloosa County
Sawgrass Resort
Miami Beach
Palm Beach County
Summary of the Town Hall Meeting Program
Hold an FPPTA Town Hall Meeting to make an impact. We will help you coordinate a presentation featuring pension professionals in money management, actuarial and legal fields of expertise. Our open format meeting allows your invited guests, municipal and elected officials to ask specific questions and get clear answers. It also allows us to take on the myths and misunderstandings about public pension plans in direct, face-to-face dialogue. Town Hall Meetings are open, interesting, and close with a question & answer opportunity.

Share the good news about the strengths of defined benefit pension plans, and the facts about the costs of defined contribution programs. One phone call, one e-mail, will launch your Town Hall Meeting. We have produced 10 Town Hall Meetings during the past year and we know they have positively influenced decision-makers in many communities.

Town Hall Meetings can draw attendees from a 50 miles radius. Consider partnering with other area pension boards to create the greatest impact in outreach.

To set up a town hall meeting, contact:
Kimberlie Ryals
800-842-4064 ext. 102