2021 Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the FPPTA in 2021. We are offering three sponsorship packages this year. As our organization and the country continue to operate under the shadow of the coronavirus, we have designed sponsorship packages to maximize your exposure to the FPPTA membership in both virtual and on-site formats. The FPPTA will be offering virtual learning for the first half of the year, and we hope to return to on-site events for our Annual Conference in June.

We are pleased to introduce an all-inclusive Impact Sponsorship for all events and initiatives in 2021. There are also  Contributor Sponsorship packages available for the Annual Conference and the Fall Trustee School.

If you have any questions, please contact Kim Prior (kim@fppta.org) or Peter Hapgood (peterhapgood@fppta.org).

Impact Sponsor


Contributor Sponsor

Annual Conference

Contributor Sponsor

Fall Trustee School

Events to be sponsored

All events for 2021 —  Virtual & Onsite

Annual Conference Only

Fall Trustee School Only

Event Signage

Traditional Signage – Logo
Upgraded Electronic Signage – Logo & Representative
All Onsite Events

Traditional Signage –  Logo Only
Annual Conference Only

Traditional Signage – Logo Only
Fall Trustee School Only

Company Logo on Event App
Applies to Onsite Events

All Onsite Events

Annual Conference Only

Fall Trustee School Only

Company logo included in all related e-mail correspondence

All Events & Initiatives

Annual Conference Only

Fall School Only

 Complimentary Registration (1)

All Onsite & Virtual Events 

Annual Conference Only

Fall Trustee School Only

Voice Magazine Ad

Half Page Ad

Quarter Page Ad

Exhibit Booth at the Annual Conference

Choice of location

Website –Virtual Exhibit Hall for 12 months.

Virtual Event Participant List with Contact Information

• New Initiative Sponsor
      Including, but not limited to:
      • FPPTA Pension Board Data Center
      • New Membership Program
      • NIRS Florida Survey