Current Event
FPPTA 37th Annual Conference

June 27th-30th, 2021
Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate

Program Agenda

Trustee Registration Fee: $775
Associate Registration Fee: $1,050
Exhibit Booth: $1,600 (registration not included)
Room Rate: $180
Guest Fee: $110 (registration must be completed in advance – No onsite guest registration will be available)

It seems we are finally rounding the corner of the pandemic and we know many of you are eager to get back to our on-site events for the true FPPTA experience and to be among the FPPTA community once again. We are too! We are pleased to announce that time has come!

We’re excited to welcome you back to our first on-site event in over a year! This year’s conference theme places the emphasis on communications. Over a two and half day program, the FPPTA will host lectures and discussions regarding communication with your various constituents, crafting a message, and highlighting the different tools available to most effectively convey your message to your audience.

The Annual Conference is worth 10-CEU credits.

Masks and social distancing will be required. For more information about what the Omni Orlando Resort is doing to keep guests safe, please visit: Omni Safe & Clean Policies.

Thank you to our Premium & Impact Sponsors

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Featured Conference Speakers

Vincent Ivan Phipps

Communicating Without Confrontation

Vincent Ivan Phipps is the Attitude Amplifier because of his high energy and interaction.  Vincent owns Communication VIP Training.  The “VIP” represents “Very – Impactful – Presentations” (and Vincent Ivan Phipps!). He delights audience with his energetic and engaging delivery. The four dynamics featured in his book, “Lead Out Loud” are: Communication, Leadership, Presentation Skills, and Conflict Resolution.  His philosophy, “If I can get you to laugh, I can get you to listen.  If I can get you to listen, I can help you amplify.”

David DeLong 

Closing the Skills Gap: Innovative Solutions for a Changing Workforce

Serving as a trustee of a public pension plan poses tremendous challenges in a time of unprecedented change. The aging workforce, a younger generation of employees with different values, new technologies, major budget constraints all combine to make the trustee’s role more complex than ever.

This interactive presentation will share practical, engaging ideas for:

  • Improving communication skills when dealing with plan participants & beneficiaries, government officials, and investment managers
  • Mastering complex subjects more quickly & confidently
  • Making better decisions to benefit your plan’s long term health

Kare Anderson

Become a Sought-After Opportunity Maker

Kare Anderson is an Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter and now is a connective behavior speaker, and author. Her TED talk, “Become a Sought-After Opportunity Maker” has over 1.5 million views. Kare explores the power of people who have the ability to seize opportunities, solve problems and innovate faster and better than others. She will share ways to hone these interconnected skills and will teach you how to better identify partners to achieve successful objectives.

Chris Westfall 

Leadership Language: Insights into Powerful Conversations

What if there was a way to defend pension plans, without getting defensive – a way that is authentic, honest and engaging? Let’s face it, there are a lot of misunderstandings out there – and how you express yourself is the key to your success. Chris Westfall will show you the science behind the art of conversation that empowers you to share ideas in a way that delivers deeper connection and understanding. Chris is the U.S. National Elevator Pitch Champion, and the producer and co-host of The 118 Pitch Course on Bloomberg TV.

Bob Arno

The Art of the Steal … Security, Fraud and Identity Theft in the Internet Age

Bob Arno is an international criminologist, law enforcement lecturer, and “White-Hat” pickpocket who is active in NATO counter-intelligent units and teaching “Seal Units” unusual skills. He is a frequent guest on international news shows, has made documentaries for National Geographic, the Travel Channel, RTL, ITV, Discovery, BBC and many others.