FPPTA Communications Tool Box
Fact Sheets

Just the facts. Neatly packaged and highly informational. A communications tool for the straight shooter.


Videos are a gripping, dynamic, and highly effective communications tool. Learn how to incorporate video into your multimedia communications campaign.


Infographics are a great way to tell a simple story and convey a message without all the jargon.

Social Media Content

Know your audience and how to match content with the appropriate platforms. Content tailored to be shared on social media.


You have the content, how do you use it effectively? A series of tips, instructional videos, and advice on how to craft and distribute your message.

FPPTA Publications

FPPTA newsletter, Voice Magazine, and other pieces authored and published by the FPPTA.

Pension Plan Data Center

Compilation of data for the 485 local defined benefit plans in Florida. All of the data were collected from reports issued by the Bureau of Local Retirement Systems in the Department of Management Services’ Division of Retirement,

Pension Fundamentals for Florida Trustees Digital Book

A resource book for trustees of any experience level. This digital book offers a comprehensive look at defined benefit plans, the responsibilities of the trustee, and the many service providers that keep a plan running.

News Clips, Reports & Studies

Research and analysis from trusted and credible sources.