Get Involved with FPPTA


Want to get involved? We’d love to have you. There are many ways to volunteer at the FPPTA and our events. We understand offering your name to sit on a committee might be a commitment not everyone can afford, but there are other ways to get involved as well — from helping with registration to assisting with the children activities at the annual conference to mentoring new members, and more!


Sponsorship Opportunities

The FPPTA offers several sponsorship opportunities throughout the year at our various educational events. To find out more about these opportunities click the link below.



Relief Fund – The FPPTA Relief Fund was established to provide financial assistance to either Active or Associate Members of the FPPTA in good standing with the FPPTA who may have passed away or fallen upon hard times, including but not limited reasons related to medical issues, loss of employment, other tragic events or a widow/widower or a close family member of a fallen comrade who may need financial assistance.


Raymond T. Edmondson Scholarship Award – In recognition of the vision and leadership Raymond T. Edmondson provided the FPPTA as CEO since its inception in 1984 until his retirement in 2014, the FPPTA is proud to announce the creation of the Raymond T. Edmondson Scholarship Award.


Networking Opportunities

The FPPTA offers a number of opportunities for trustees and associates alike to network, build a community, and stay abreast of the issues facing pension boards and the industry in general.