Membership Overview

The FPPTA is Florida’s largest state-wide educational organization for municipal public pension boards, plan sponsors and elected/appointed officials. Our programs are regularly reviewed and revised to ensure our members are getting the information they need and want.

To learn more about the FPPTA and membership, please view our Membership Brochure.

Pension Board Membership

The FPPTA welcomes any public organization or retirement system which is a legally constituted retirement pension, or annuity and benefits system or any protective association. By whatever name they are called, the primary purpose of these organizations or retirement systems is that promote the rights and benefits of the membership, present and future, and of public employees who are members.


Associate Membership

The FPPTA welcomes pension plan service providers as well as professionals from the institutional investment services sectors. Any public entity that has a pension board may join.  Municipal boards, individual trustees, pension plan administrators, or other public appointees to the pension plan may be FPPTA members.


Benefits of Joining FPPTA

10 Reasons to Join:

  1. A highly respected statewide non-profit. The FPPTA was established in 1984.  We are the largest non-profit educational organization for public pension trustees and administrators in Florida. Of the approximately 492 municipal pension boards in the state, 265 of them are FPPTA members.
  1. Florida’s most rigorous certification program.  The Certified Public Pension Trustee (CPPT) designation is among the most respected certifications in the country, emulated by other state and local pension plan organizations and endorsed by national industry leaders.
  1. Conquer real-world challenges.You will learn about asset allocation, actuarial funding, working with service providers and investment options, but also about ethics, fiduciary responsibility and meeting stringent legal and reporting requirements. You will become well equipped to be an exceptional steward.
  1. Continuing Education. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are offered in abundance at every Trustee School and Annual Conference.
  1. Access to Peer Network. FPPTA brings together hundreds of trustees and administrators from coast to coast twice yearly for Trustee Schools where attendance averages more than 500 registered participants. Total attendance at our Annual Conference approaches 2000.  Relationship building and an open exchange of ideas is a hallmark of membership.
  1. Career Enhancement.  Members are exposed to classroom work, case studies, workshops, panel discussions, and analysis of myriad hypothetical scenarios.
  1. Access to National Retirement and Public Employee Advocates. The FPPTA holds membership in some of the most influential national organizations that advocate for public employees and secure retirement benefits. Among them are the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) and the National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS).
  1. Associate Membership.  FPPTA membership includes regular interaction with the state’s most prestigious institutional investor service providers. Our Associate Members represent a diverse cross-section of accounting, legal, actuarial, tax, and financial investor and manager specialties.
  1. Support services.  FPPTA members have full access to FPPTA newsletters and publications, websites, archives, research, webinars, and select teaching materials.  We operate two websites:, for member use, and, which is a resource, archive and research center.
  1. Accountability. The FPPTA is committed to helping create sustainable, well-managed public pension plans that are fully transparent in their operations and accountable to taxpayers as well as to the public employees whose benefits are a public trust.