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This program is worth 10 CEU-credits. Please check-in at the beginning of each day and check out at the close of each day in order to receive your CEU credits for attending.

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Important Notes

  • You must check-in at the beginning of the day and check-out at the end of each day in order to receive CEU credits for attending. 
  • If you have trouble viewing the video stream due to firewall or excessive buffering, try clicking on the link directly under the video player for an alternate video stream hosted on YouTube.
  • For general technical questions regarding today’s program please contact support@fppta.org. Please keep in mind there is nothing we can do to solve internet connectivity issues, firewall restrictions, and other issues that may arise due to browser settings or your work place’s filters and restrictions.
  • The times in the agenda are approximate. Each session will vary slightly in length. Just know you will have full 15-minute morning and afternoon breaks and an hour-long lunch break regardless of whether the program is running slightly behind or ahead of schedule.
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