Virtual CPPT Program Agenda


Program will be available for viewing starting at 8:00am.

Board Meeting Basics
Steve Corbet, CPPT
FPPTA Education Committee

The Administrator
Scott Baur
Resource Centers

The Actuary
Eric Atwater & Bryan Falato

The Attorney
Ricki Levy, Esq. CPPT
Lorium Law

The Custodian
Mark Rhein
Salem Trust Company

The Investment Consultant
Kerry Richardville
AndCo Consulting

The Role of an Investment Manager
Mary Byrom
Atlanta Capital Management

Capital Markets—Equity
Keri Hepburn
Aristotle Capital Management

Capital Markets – Fixed Income
Paul Lundmark, CPPT
Richmond Capital Management

Introduction to Real Estate Investments
Meredith Despins

Introduction to Ethics
Kenneth Harrison, Esq., CPPT
Sugarman & Susskind, PA

Modern Portfolio Theory & Benchmarking
Steve Roth, CPPT
Dahab Associates

Investment & Economic Cycles
Steve Stack
Highland Capital Management

Diversifying Your Equity Portfolio
Jason Turner
Great Lakes Advisors



Program will be available for viewing starting at 8:00am.

International Investments: Why & How
Kurt Wood
DePrince, Race & Zollo

An Introduction to Alternative Investments
Jordan Jackson
JP Morgan Asset Management

Equity Managers Meeting Report
Kitty Martin

The Actuarial Report
Joe Griffin
Foster & Foster Consulting Actuaries

The Fixed Income Manager Report
Pat Kelly
Agincourt Capital Management

Investment Consultant / Asset Allocation Recommendation
Frank Wan
Burgess Chambers & Assoc.

Investment Consultant / Manager Search Report
Scott Owens
Graystone Consulting

Chapter 112, 175, 185
Adam Levinson, Esq.
Klausner Kaufman Jensen & Levinson, PA

Disability Process
Pedro Herrera, Esq.
Sugarman & Susskind, PA

Investment Consultant Meeting Report
Greg White
Investment Performance Services, LLC

Managing Your Service Providers
Dwight Mattingly, CPPT
FPPTA Education Committee

Pension Plan Data Center
Fred Nesbitt, PhD. & Sean
McKinstry, CPPT
FPPTA Education Committee

Using Social Media Responsibly
Sean McKinstry, CPPT, FPPTA
Susan Marden, FPPTA



Program will be available for viewing starting at 8:00am.

Review of Risk & Volatility
Steve Roth
Dahab Associates

Emerging Markets Equity
Guilherme Valle
ABS Investment Management

Real Assets
Bill Adams
Newton Investment Management

Private Assets
Dan Clare
Constitution Capital Partners

Establishing a Funding Policy
Peter Strong

Impact of Changing Actuarial Assumptions
Chad Little
Freiman Little Actuaries

Ethics Case Studies: Conflict of Interest
Caroline Klancke
State of Florida Ethics

Modification of Pension Plans
Mark Floyd, Esq.
Mierzwa & Floyd, PA

What a Ride It Has Been! What Now For Growth Investing
Anthony Xuereb
Polen Capital Management

Fixed Income in a Low Interest Rate Environment
Jeff Detwiler
Garcia Hamilton

Building and Managing Your Real Estate Portfolio
Richelle Cook, CPPT
American Realty

Asset Allocation and Rebalancing
Aaron Lally
Meketa Investment Group

Why Securities Litigation
Maya Saxena, Esq.
Saxena White, PA

Hollywood Case Study
Phyllis Shaw, CPPT,
Christopher Cassidy CPPT,
George R. Keller, Jr. CPPT,
Christine Bailey CPPT
Hollywood General Employees


10:00am Review Session
Basic Exam to Follow


10:00am Review Session
Intermediate Exam to Follow


10:00am Review Session
Advanced Exam to Follow