Intermediate CPPT Program - Virtual Trustee School

Welcome to the FPPTA’s Virtual Fall Trustee School. To begin, click “watch video” on the first session below.

Important notes:

  • Please check-in during the first session so the FPPTA has record of your participation. 
  • The program is presented in four parts. Be sure to complete all four videos.
  • Speaker bios and presentation slides are in your study guide. We encourage you to follow along in your study guides and take notes.
  • There will be a review session tomorrow morning at 10am. You will be sent your CPPT exam immediately following the review session. The exam is 100 multiple choice questions. You have 90 minutes to complete and submit your exam. You may refer to your study guide while taking the exam.
  • For general technical questions regarding today’s program please contact Please keep in mind there is nothing we can do to solve internet connectivity issues, firewall restrictions, and other issues that may arise due to browser settings or your work place’s filters and restrictions.

Part One

International Investments: Why & How
Kurt Wood
DePrince, Race & Zollo

An Introduction to Alternative Investments
Jordan Jackson
JP Morgan Asset Management

Equity Managers Meeting Report
Kitty Martin

Part Two

The Actuarial Report
Joe Griffin
Foster & Foster Consulting Actuaries

The Fixed Income Manager Report
Pat Kelly
Agincourt Capital Management

Investment Consultant / Asset Allocation Recommendation
Frank Wan
Burgess Chambers & Assoc.

Investment Consultant / Manager Search Report
Scott Owens
Graystone Consulting

Part Three

Chapter 112, 175, 185
Adam Levinson, Esq.
Klausner Kaufman Jensen & Levinson, PA

Disability Process
Pedro Herrera, Esq.
Sugarman & Susskind, PA

Investment Consultant Meeting Report
Greg White
Investment Performance Services, LLC

Part Four

Managing Your Service Providers
Dwight Mattingly, CPPT
FPPTA Education Committee

Pension Plan Data Center
Fred Nesbitt, PhD. & Sean
McKinstry, CPPT
FPPTA Education Committee

Using Social Media Responsibly
Sean McKinstry, CPPT &
Susan Marden, FPPTA