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Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP is one of the world’s foremost advocates in protecting the public against corporate fraud and other wrongdoing.  Our lawyers regularly take on the foremost defense attorneys—and win—in class actions, shareholder derivative suits, antitrust litigation and other complex litigation around the globe. We are proud to have recovered billions of dollars for our clients. Clients—including sophisticated institutional investors, consumers, employees, whistleblowers, governments, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds—choose Kessler Topaz for our fierce dedication, successful track record and innovative approach to litigation. We have been a proven leader in implementing high-impact corporate governance reforms to protect shareholder rights, improve value and prevent corporate mismanagement, as well as leading pioneers in areas including international shareholder litigation, fiduciary breaches and the development of our online portfolio tracking tools.

SecuritiesTracker:  The Most Comprehensive Solution Available for Shareholder Litigation Analysis and Claims Filing

First introduced in 2003, the SecuritiesTracker platform has evolved into the most advanced and comprehensive global portfolio monitoring and claims filing service available to institutional investors. Competitive service offerings are limited in what they are capable of or permitted to provide because they are not law firms. In contrast, SecuritiesTracker–which is backed and supported by the vast resources of one of the largest and most successful law firms that specializes in shareholder litigation–provides the legal analysis and recommendations on how to proceed with global opt-in and opt-out litigation that other claims filing services cannot.

SecuritiesTracker actively guides and assists institutional investors with the identification, evaluation, analysis, management, and monetization of all shareholder claims and actions filed in every jurisdiction around the world. All alerts, reports, memos, guidance and filings generated by SecuritiesTracker are the product of many years’ experience, expertise and relationships of a law firm that prosecutes shareholder actions globally. Because it is the most comprehensive and cost-competitive platform available, which taps into its own in-house analysts, investigators and litigators to provide detailed legal analyses and recommendations for how best to maximize recoveries for clients, institutional investors everywhere–including mutual fund managers, asset managers, hedge funds, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and insurance companies–are switching to SecuritiesTracker to monitor and manage all of their shareholder litigation needs at a fraction of the cost of other providers. Institutional investors with over $8 trillion in AUM have come to rely on the SecuritiesTracker platform to fulfill all of their fiduciary obligations related to protecting assets.

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