Trustee Ethics
Caroline M. Klancke, Esq.,
Executive Director, Florida Ethics Institute

Ms. Klancke is an experienced attorney ethicist and is the founder and Executive Director of the Florida Ethics Institute. Ms. Klancke is the former General Counsel and Deputy Executive Director of the Florida Commission on Ethics where she assisted the agency in its constitutional mandate to interpret and enforce the Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees. Prior to her tenure with the Commission on Ethics, she served as Chief Ethics Officer and Senior Attorney with the Florida Public Service Commission. She is the author of the Florida Ethics Law Handbook—the only comprehensive guide to governmental ethics regulations in Florida. She has lectured extensively for the Commission on Ethics, the Florida Bar, Florida Association of Counties, and others on ethics, public records, and open public meetings law compliance. In 2015, the Florida Government Bar Association selected her as a finalist for Government Attorney of the Year.