Managing Your Service Providers
Dwight Mattingly, CPPT
FPPTA Board of Directors

For the first 14 years of his working career after finishing college in South Florida, Dwight taught middle and high school history for14 years in private church schools.  He also supplemented his income and family by doing construction work in the summers and at times on weekends.  In 1996 after a back injury, Dwight took a job with Palm Beach County public transit, Palm Tran, as a Bus Operator after a friend told him that there was an excellent pension benefit with the job.  Soon after being hired he became involved in the labor union and in 1999 was elected as Financial Secretary/Treasurer for a 3 year period.  During that time he became involved in understanding and attending all of the Board of Trustee meetings of the Pension Board.  After 3 years he was elected to the position of President/Business Agent of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1577.  As President/Business Agent, he also became a Trustee of the Plan.  After assuming this position, he successfully completed the CPPT with the FPPTA.  He was  subsequently elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Palm Tran/ATU 1577 Pension Plan and has held that position for the past 7 years.  Dwight also serves a Vice Chairman of the Florida Amalgamated Transit Union State Legislative Conference Board and during the past 3 Florida Legislative sessions has spent most of the sessions in Tallahassee lobbying to protect worker’s rights and protecting public pension plans in the state.  He was asked to testify before several Committees and Senate Caucuses regarding public pension defined benefit plans.  He has worked closely with many other groups in this effort. This year, during the 2012 Annual FPPTA Convention, Dwight was elected as a Director of the Board of Directors for the FPPTA.  He also serves on the FPPTA Education and By Laws Committees.