Program Agenda
Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Generational Views of Retirement in the United States
Dan Doonan, National Institute on Retirement Security

FPPTA Communications Initiative
Kim Prior, FPPTA Chief Executive Officer
Tom Lussier, The Lussier Group

FPPTA Connect Campaign
Kim Prior, FPPTA Chief Executive Officer
MJ Chwalik, FPPTA Chief Operating Officer
Sean McKinstry, FPPTA Director of Research
Susan Marden, FPPTA Public Relations Consultant

FPPTA Pension Plan Data Center
Fred Nesbitt, PhD, Media Consultant
Mark Meyer, FPPTA Education Committee

City of Hollywood Case Study: Re-Instating Pension Benefits
Phyllis Shaw—Moderator
Hollywood General Employees Pension Plan
Hollywood Police Officers Pension Plan
Hollywood Fire Fighters Pension Plan

FPPTA Legal Panel
Ken Harrison, FPPTA Education Committee—Moderator
Adam Levinson, Klausner, Kaufman, Jensen & Levinson
Ron Cohen, Lorium Law
Mark Floyd, Mierzwa & Floyd P.A.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Economic Overview
Dan Johnson —Moderator, AndCo Consulting
Jeff Schulze, Clearbridge Investments
Jordan Jackson, JP Morgan Asset Management

Understanding Private Markets
Dan Johnson—Moderator, AndCo Consulting
Private Equities
Meena Gandhi, JP Morgan Asset Management
Private Debt
Dan Clare, Constitution Capital Partners

Post-Covid Equity Investing
Scott Owens, —Moderator, Graystone Consulting
Marty LaPrade, Sawgrass Asset Management
Rand Wrighton, Barrow Hanley Global Investors
Adrian Sancho, Inverness Counsel, LLC

Post—Covid Alternative Investing
Keith Reynolds, Moderator, Segal Marco Advisors
Chris Greco, Waycross Partners
John Mendell, Blackrock
Bill Adams, Newton Investment Management

Post—Covid Fixed Income Investing
Burgess Chambers—Moderator, Burgess Chambers & Assoc.
Emily Becker, Orleans Capital Management
John Rochford, Tocqueville Asset Management
Arif Joshi, Lazard Asset Management

Discover Your Mission: Lessons from a 50-State Journey
Janine Stange—”National Anthem Girl”