Virtual Trustee School - October 12, 2021

Welcome to the FPPTA’s Virtual Fall Trustee School. To begin, click “watch video” on the first session below.

Important notes:

  • You must check-in during the first session of each day and check-in again during the last session of each day in order to receive CEU credits for attending. 
  • For general technical questions regarding today’s program please contact Please keep in mind there is nothing we can do to solve internet connectivity issues, firewall restrictions, and other issues that may arise due to browser settings or your work place’s filters and restrictions.
  • Sessions were recorded during the in-person Fall Trustee School at Sawgrass Marriott, October 3-6, 2021
  • The program will resume tomorrow morning, Wednesday, October 13. You will again receive an email with a link to resume the program tomorrow morning.

Generational Views of Retirement in the United States

Dan Doonan, National Institute on Retirement Security


FPPTA Communications Initiative

Kim Prior, FPPTA Chief Executive Officer
Tom Lussier, The Lussier Group
Chris Spencer, FPPTA Board of Directors
Susan Marden, FPPTA
Fred Nesbitt, Phd, FPPTA
Sean McKinstry, FPPTA

FPPTA Connect Campaign

Kim Prior, FPPTA Chief Executive Officer
MJ Chwalik, FPPTA Chief Operating Officer
Sean McKinstry, FPPTA Director of Research
Susan Marden, FPPTA Public Relations Consultant


FPPTA Pension Plan Data Center

Fred Nesbitt, PhD, Media Consultant
Mark Meyer, FPPTA Education Committee

City of Hollywood Case Study: Re-Instating Pension Benefits

Phyllis Shaw, Hollywood General employees Pension Plan
Adam Levinson, Hollywood Fire Fighters Pension Plan
Jeffrey Marano, Hollywood Police Officers Pension Plan
George Keller, City of Hollywood
Christine Bailey, Plan Administrator

FPPTA Legal Panel

Ken Harrison, FPPTA Education Committee—Moderator
Adam Levinson, Klausner, Kaufman, Jensen & Levinson
Ron Cohen, Lorium Law
Mark Floyd, Mierzwa & Floyd P.A.