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We would like to thank our sponsors for providing the FPPTA with the support and resources needed to make the Virtual Learning Series possible. These associate members are valued members of our FPPTA community with a wealth of knowledge, insight, and expertise. Here is a listing of additional learning events, white papers, and materials from our Virtual Learning Series Sponsors.


ABS Investment Management

Video ABS Emerging Markets Perspectives

Ryan ALM

Video: Pension Lessons Learned: Protection from Market Disruptions

Sawgrass Asset Management

Video: A Discussion on Index Risk and Concentration with Marty LaPrade, CFA
Video recorded 7/29/2020; all data as of 6/30/2020.

Video: Fed Monetary Policy: A Sawgrass Perspective (6/24/2020)
The onset of COVID-19 put the economy in peril and caused a substantial correction in markets. The Federal Reserve implemented several steps and we specifically discuss their corporate bond buying program and the impact it has had.

Virtual Events for September, 2020

No events at this time.


J.P. Morgan Podcasts
Eye on the Market Podcast by Michael Cembalest, Chairman of Market and Investment Strategy

Center for Investment Excellence Podcast by David Lebovitz, Global Market Specialist, & Other Investment Experts


Schroders Podcasts

Schroders: The Investor Download Podcast – Check out Schroders podcast channel each week for new episodes where Ron Insana, Senior Advisor to Schroders and CNBC Contributor chats with people inside Schroders on global financial markets from a US perspective.

White Papers, Studies, Reports & Investment Research


AndCo Consulting’s Monthly Market Update  – This commentary is designed to provide timely thoughts and viewpoints on the economy and capital markets.

September Monthly Market Update

Cypen & Cypen

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Long View: Q2 2020 Update
Within this report, we present the DWS long term capital market assumptions as of the end of June 2020 for major asset classes.

Market outlook – U.S. presidential election
Democratic sweep? The potential implications for equity markets.


U.S. Real Estate Strategic Outlook
In our view the outlook for U.S. real estate has tentatively improved as business reopening and fiscal and monetary stimulus have buoyed the economy and financial markets.

Remote Work and Office Space De-Densification Effect on Office Demand Post-COVID
With the fast and forced adoption of work from home (WFH), several business leaders have commented on their success in operating remotely and claim to be reevaluating their future office space needs.

MLPs are not an asset class – What now
We will look into the MLP sector, specifically what investors experienced and how investors may want to utilize MLPs.

The Real Word of Private Equity
The amount of time and money spent by private equity (“PE”) firms on due diligence, the amount of information resulting from it and the amount of analysis undertaken have all risen inexorably as the sector has grown and matured.

Liquid and illiquid
Alternative asset classes, such as real estate and infrastructure, have historically featured specific attributes relative to traditional stocks and bonds, such as uncorrelated returns and diversification. However, investing in alternatives can present challenges in certain market environments depending on the degree of liquidity.

How Covid-19 Could Shape the ESG Landscape for Years to Come
From more rigorous integration of social issues into the investment process to the strategic case for sustainable investments

Regional Economic Maps
Economies are returning to life, but at different paces around the world and with varying degrees of damage to their economies and societies. How will the latest economic conditions across the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific potentially affect your real estate investments?

Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company

To view a collection of industry news articles, research and information visit the GRS Industry News page.

Pension Plans Legislative and Agency Update – July 2020

J.P. Morgan

White Paper: The impact of a global work from home labor force by Benjamin Mandel, Mallika Saran, and Patrick Lenihan. COVID-19 is prompting what might be lasting behavioral changes. Explore our thoughts on investment implications of an increased work from home labor force.

White Paper: Tenth Annual Eye of the Market Energy Paper by Michal CembalestChairman of Market and Investment StrategyWhile COVID temporarily reduced global CO2 emissions to 2006 levels, a faster and broader renewable energy transition will be needed to result in more permanent reductions. This year’s topics include de-carbonization of steel; the amount of energy storage, reforestation and carbon sequestration required to make an impact; and the financial, political and environmental risks to U.S. energy independence.


Investment Research: Fallen Angels: The Asset Class of 2020

Investing in fallen angels can help create the ability to earn true structural alpha. Our Efficient Beta Fallen Angels strategy is completely dedicated to this asset class.


White Paper: Why Farmland Now?
White Paper: Our EM outlook in a landscape transformed by COVID-19

Nuveen, the investment manager of TIAA, offers a comprehensive range of outcome-focused investment solutions designed to secure the long-term financial goals of institutional and individual investors. Nuveen has $1 trillion in assets under management as of 31 March 2020 and operations in 27 countries. Its investment specialists offer deep expertise across a comprehensive range of traditional and alternative investments through a wide array of vehicles and customized strategies. For more information, please visit

Ryan ALM

White Paper:  Buy Time!
U.S. pension plans have been hard hit by rising pension costs since 2000. This has been primarily characterized by spiking contribution costs and volatile funded ratios. A solution to this dilemma is to implement a strategy that will buy time!

1Q Newsletter: Read Now


So Out of Touch!
In another classic example of being out of touch with what is truly happening to American workers, US Senate Republicans have introduced a new bill: the Addressing Missed-savings Opportunities for Retirement due to an Epidemic Act.

Maximize the Efficiency of the Asset Allocation 
There is a lot of volatility in a normal asset allocation in short time frames. We’ve seen this unfold dramatically in a number of cases during the last couple of decades. At Ryan ALM we are guiding pension clients to adopt a cash flow driven investing approach (CDI) that can significantly reduce the volatility associated with a traditional asset allocation.


Wells Fargo

COVID 19 Looms Large Over Florida Economy
The reemergence of COVID-19 appears set to weigh on the Sunshine State’s recovery

 Uncovering Innovation on the Right Side of Change
What does it mean for a company to be on the right side of change in 2020?

Managing unintended risks – Avoid Leaky Bucked Syndrome Exposure
Why has the active management industry struggled to generate excess returns?

The case for active emerging market small cap strategies
We expect emerging market small-cap equities will outperform large-cap stocks in a recovery, making dedicated allocations to this asset class a timely consideration today.

Coronavirus impact on REITs_Our take on losers and winners
The coronavirus has been causing a variety of disruptive impacts throughout the U.S. economy, including record unemployment and weakening gross domestic product.

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