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Doug Borths
Director of Client Services
Levi Korsinsky LLP / CORE Monitoring Services LLC
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P: 212-363-7500 Ext. 166
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Levi & Korsinsky LLP
Core Monitoring Services

Levi & Korsinsky is one of the nation’s leading plaintiffs’ law firms with over 80 years of combined partner experience litigating complex securities actions. Our 30+ lawyers have successfully litigated high-stakes, bet-the-company cases, in the federal and state courts of almost every state.

Our goal is not only to give our clients a voice, but to give them one that resonates loudly and results in winning outcomes that both our clients and we can really be proud of. We have a long successful track record of protecting shareholder rights and setting ground-breaking precedent by tackling cases that require substantial resources, time and tenacity.

Our talented lawyers apply fresh perspective, out of the box thinking, and the innovative use of cutting-edge technology to each case. Courts have recognized the knowledge and skill we bring to the table and have responded by frequently appointing us lead counsel in many securities fraud and shareholder fiduciary rights actions.

Few other firms can marshal the legal talent and resources we have. Our lawyers don’t shy away from hard cases or difficult adversaries; rather, we thrive in such environments and welcome the opportunity to showcase our ability to prevail.

We are particularly sensitive to the needs of our institutional and pension fund clients and strive to nurture these relationships by applying our unique legal expertise and technological prowess in ways that produce maximum value. Using the Firm’s “CORE” technology platform institutions can maximize return on portfolio litigation opportunities, with unprecedented ease of use and transparency. For more information about the Firm go to www.zlk.com.


CORE is a state-of-the-art securities litigation monitoring & settlement recovery platform designed to help portfolio managers, trustees, chief operating officers, and their counsel identify global securities class actions and maximize recoveries from settlements. Using our Identify, Track, and Recover approach, CORE is a revolutionary platform that offers a comprehensive, real-time assessment of portfolio litigation exposure expressly designed for institutional and private wealth investors, asset managers, global banks, insurance companies, trading firms, and securities litigation firms.

CORE’s proprietary technology aggregates hard-to-access data and presents you with an intuitive, organized, and action-oriented interface that details all securities lawsuits affecting your portfolio. CORE’s streamlined dashboard design allows you to easily identify those companies in your portfolio facing filed or potential legal actions and to make informed decisions regarding your options for recovering your losses.

Our experienced analysts will review your data in depth to ensure that all your losses are captured in our calculations, allowing for maximum recovery. Our platform flags global class action litigations and settlements based on your uploaded portfolio and makes you aware of recovery opportunities that you might otherwise have missed.

CORE guides you through the entire class action litigation process – from the first filed action through the disbursement of settlement funds, including claims filing and tracking. Class action securities lawsuits often take years, and CORE will make sure you don’t miss vital updates or opportunities.

CORE is easy to use and requires little training or setup time. This system allows your organization to Identify, Track, and Recover, saving you significant time and maximizing your recovery in global securities class action settlements. For more information about CORE, go to www.compensationrecovery.com

Doug Borths
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Gregory Nespole
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Eduard Korsinsky
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