CEU Presentations -- Tuesday, January 31, 2023

General Session Room

Social Security Update
Kurt Czarnowski
Czarnowski Consulting

Real Deal Research A Look at Retirement Income Adequacy
Eric Atwater & Emily Swickard – Aon
Tyler Bond – National Institute on Retirement Security

Classroom A

FPPTA Pension Plan Data Center
Fred Nesbitt
FPPTA Media Consultant

Fixed Income in a Rising Rate Environment
John Rochford
Tocqueville Asset Management

Contribution Stabilization Policies—Case Study
Brad Armstrong & Pete Strong
Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company

Impact of the Asset Allocation Rollercoaster
Russ Kamp
Ryan ALM

Classroom B

Secular Themes in the Equity Market
Thomas Hynes, Jr.
Aristotle Investment Management

China & Taiwan—Dealing with Heightened Risks
Paul Loudon
Walter Scott & Partners

Evolution Emerging Markets
Natascha Willians
ABS Global Investors

Transition Management
Robert Saffer, Trustee
Boca General Employees Pension Fund

Classroom C

Setting Actuarial Assumptions & Trends
Sara Carlson & Amanda Brown
Foster & Foster Actuaries

Small Cap Equities Next Generation
Rayna Lesser Hannaway
Polen Capital Management

Role of a Trustee Regarding Actuarial Experience Studies
Kevin Spanier

Positioning Your Portfolio in Times of Rising Rates
Jens Ernberg
Capital Dynamics