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FPPTA’s 34th Annual Conference – June 23 – 27, 2018

This month in a special issue of the newsletter, we are sharing exclusive Q & A interviews with our keynote speakers for the 34th Annual Conference. Our theme this year is “It’s deja-vu all over again!”, because it feels like we’ve been here before. We’ve been enjoying a positive market cycle for about a decade now, but historically markets rise and fall. So, how do market shifts change the way people feel about public pensions? And how do we anticipate those changes? We have a full and exciting agenda we think will prepare you to identify potential risks and respond accordingly. We hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to learn from all our presenters.

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News:  Press Clips from the last month


Fred Nesbitt, PhD

Media Consultant

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Don’t miss NCPERS two minute video about how short sighted it is to cut pensions, click the picture below.



Tim O’Brien

How do we know our news is free from bias and how do we know we’re getting the most salient facts?

“The most significant bias in the major media—at least in my view—is neither liberal nor conservative, but rather “anti-government”.  [The press] is called the “Fourth Estate” because it serves as a check on the three branches of our government.” 


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Melissa Agnes

  Identifying risks and proactively creating relationships can mitigate catastrophe.


“Government workers in general don’t do as well as they should in emotional intelligence capability, emotional relatability.




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Jeffrey Bauer, PhD

Healthcare costs and insurance will create real pressures – both financial and physical


“10% of all Medicare patients account for 65% of all Medicare spending.  At the other extreme, 50% of the total population only spends 3% of all health care dollars.  The problem comes from the small group of big spenders.” 

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David Cay Johnston
Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and tax-dodge critic on whether public worker unions been tone deaf to the costs of pensions? 

“The deeper question to ask taxpayers who are upset about public employee pensions is this —   why don’t all workers earn pension benefits?


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