CEU Presentations -- Monday, January 30, 2023

General Session Room

Is U.S. Economy Heading Towards Recession
Jeffrey Schulze
ClearBridge Investments

Global Supply Chain Issues
Gustavo Bikkesbakker
Paul Loudon
Walter Scott & Partners

The Cyclicality of Active Management
Geoff Gerber
Twin Capital Management

Classroom A

Public Pension Industry Investment Trends
Dan Johnson
AndCo Consulting

Publicly Listed Infrastructure
Jim Lydotes

Introduction to Crypto Currency
Jordan Rosenberg
Galaxy Fund Management

What’s Happening Now with These Asset Classes: Fixed Income
Jeff Detwiler
Garcia Hamilton & Associates

The Case for and Against Shareholders Litigation ESG Issues
Adam Savett
Wolf Popper, LLP

Classroom B

How Timberland and Farmland Can Benefit a Pension Plan
Scott Greenberg
Julie Koeninger
Manulife Investment Management

The Role of Shareholder Litigation in Driving Corporate Governance Reforms 
Hannah Ross
Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossman, LLP

Real Estate In Changing Economic Regimes
Andrew Brett
Intercontinental Real Estate

Revisiting Hedge Fund Investments
Chris Greco
Waycross Partners


Classroom C

Inflation’s Impact: How to Navigate Your Portfolio
Kim Tilley
Lazard Asset Management

Better Understanding of Private Credit
Steve Shekane
Constitution Capital Partners

Private Asset Classes—Case Studies
Nick Thompson

Retirement Plan Awareness and Employee Education
Frank Wan
Burgess Chambers & Associates

Investing in Private Credit
Anders Engdahl